A dissonant voice on "yom HaShoa"

B"H - Am Yisrael Chai! The problem here is that kneset has no right to introduce chagim to the Jewish calendar and even if it had this right, the current "yom HaShoa" is not a congruent day in the month of Nissan, when Jews are not suppose to mourn. Also, the silent minute is of xtian origin and has nothing to do with our customs and the other manifestations adopted for this secular day by the State, like the sounding of the Sirens and the stopping of vehicles in the middle of the road, are also completely alien to Jewish tradition. I'm deeply offended by this reckless use of my Holocaust-victim grandparents' memory by the secularists in Israel and  I resent that they willingly force us to go against Jewish tradition!

- This is a talkback on There is no alternative Holocaust
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The current State of Israel is unsustainable and needs to be Judaized

B"H - The current State of Israel is unsustainable and needs to be Judaized. Have a look at this phrase with which Ynetnews introduces the article I'm commenting on: "President Reuven Rivlin [known as a secular Jew, which means that he negates the existence of G-d] tasked incumbent Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu [a known Shabat desecrator] with forming the next government on Wednesday night, after receiving the official election results from Central Election Committee chairman Judge Salim Joubran [an Arab]. This anti-Torah conspiracy on the Land of Israel must be denounced and stopped at once!
- This is a talkback on Rivlin taps Netanyahu to form next government 
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If the entire assembly of Israel shall err

B"H - At discussing the corbanot, the sacrifices, from last week's portion of the Tanach, Parshas Vayikra 4.13, we learn that it is perfectly possible that the whole nation sins, as a result of a matter being obscured to it. Following the Israeli elections, of course I'm referring to the rabbis silence on the wrongs of endorsing the non-Torah and therefore anti-Torah institutions of the State, like the kneset. The Sifra derives that the term entire assembly of Israel refers only to the Great Sanhedrin. Radak (Shorashim) on the other hand explains that it can refer to the entire nation or to the Sanhedrin, depending on the context. As we don't have a Sanhedrin at present, it is up to the individual Jews and to the hahamim to warn the nation against participating in and collaborating with the non-Torah agencies of the secular State.

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On voting for kneset

B"H - In Israel only about two in three voters vote, one in three like me consciously and rigorously abstains from the vote for kneset, so the biggest and thus "winning" party is that of those who say NO to this secularist, Ben Gurion State and to how it is run. Kneset is not the answer to the problems of the Jewish people and deep down in their hearts every Jew knows that.

- This is a talkback on Israelis prepare for pivotal vote
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Rav Yehuda Richter Shiur in Kfar Tapuach 22 Shvat 5775 (Feb. 11 2015) on the State of Israel part 1

B"H - I have permission to reveal here that the son of this rabbi, Benyamin Richter, was sentenced last week for three years in prison (he is kept captive by the Zionists in their Ramle prison) by the evil administration of the so called justice of this evil so called "Jewish" State, for having spray painted a Magen David on a wall in an Arab-occupied settlement in the Shomron. That's while the defense minister of this Bibi Netanyahu government, Yaalon, prolonged the military occupation of the yeshiva in Yitzar for another six months. May the traitors and enemies of Hashem and of the Children of Israel be cursed and crushed!

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The secular State of Israel cannot possibly be "Redemptive".

B"H - What you call "Redemptive Zionism" is only a Kookist, modern day, false messianism: No Golden Calf can become Moshe.

- This is a comment on A Tale of Two Zionisms
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Let's say NO to the vote for kneset, no matter what!

B"H - This essay is music to my ears, rare and therefore precious, even though I would argue that ANY vote for kneset is anti-Torah in as much as we voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai for all generations and so it is not the case for a Jew to default on that allegiance.

- This is a comment on Twelve Reasons Why I'm (Probably) Not Voting in the Upcoming Elections || שתים עשר סיבות למה (מִן הַסְתָם) אני לא אשתתף בבחירות הקרובות
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