On the Henkin murder in particular and on terrorism in general

B"H - She may not call for revenge but Judaism does. Unfortunately these Zionists are rewriting Torah and Hashem may not like this at all. Those of you who prefer to worship G-d, rather than the State, may realize that nothing is by chance or by accident and that Hashem rules the world and does things for a reason. We may not know the reason, but it doesn't mean He does things without reasoning.What appears tragic to us, may very well be an act of mercy, as the victims are now in a Better Place and may be saved from many years of terrible sinning. Baruch Dayan Emet!

- This is a comment on 'It's Impossible to Digest What Those Children Went Through'
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Why YNet is insisting on using the term "West Bank"?

B"H - While correct geographically, the term "West Bank" is a Jordanian occupation term of Judea, Samaria and East Jerusalem, coined by the British to de-Judaize the ancient, biblical topography. Continuing to use such terminology today, 48 years after the liberation of the Jewish Heart-Land denotes the political will of the traitorous Left not to accept the reality. Sorry folks, Jews are here to stay!

This is a comment on Eitam and Na'ama Henkin murdered in West Bank terror attack
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Important correction

B"H - You forgot to list a very important item: Sunday afternoon, Sept. 27 Erev Sukot Ariel ben Yochanan enters the Jewish town of Karnei Shomron and doesn't leave until after the Havdalah on Monday, Sept. 28. During his historic holiday visit he discuses Jewish matters with his host Bernie and with his six sons, Avi, Eli, Yitzhik, Yoel, Ephraim and Moshy. May G-d bless their beautiful Jewish souls and support them in every endeavor!

- This is a comment on CRAZY High Holy Days 5776
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On the IDF's swearing in oath

B"H - Even if we want to forget and sweep under the carpet the fact that the IDF allows itself to be used against the Children of Israel and the Land of Israel, we can't ignore the fact that in order to be a soldier it requires people to swear an oath of allegiance with the secular State. Oaths are a subject that is regulated by halacha, Jewish Law, and are not a laughing matter: We mean what we say and held responsible for it. As it happens, the IDF oath goes against the Shma, in which we declare our allegiance with Hashem for all generations.This is what makes us Jews. In this way (it is my opinion that Satan makes) the soldiers swear away their Judaism, even if most of them will never actually realize this and this last aspect, the operation's clandestine nature is the one that makes it so successful and devastating.

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This lecture is about education..


.. But it could be about Judaism too. The idea is that broken systems cannot be "improved". A Golden Calf will never "improve" to be a Moshe. For a Torah state on the Land of Israel, the secular State of Israel will have to go: It cannot be "improved", as the Zionists claim.

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Shira indeed died in battle - on the wrong side!

B"H - Shira indeed died in battle, but NOT for a tolerant Israel, but against the Jews, Torah and eventually against Hashem. I don't understand how any of the gay pride marchers on Jerusalem expect to survive, knowing full well the extent of their great offense against G-d.

- This is a comment on Parents eulogize Pride parade victim: Shira died in battle for more tolerant Israel
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Shlissel is fully justified in Jewish Law!

 B"H - Shlissel is a Jewish hero and the fact that the State prosecutes him proves it is not Jewish. By the way, the correct term is killing, not murder.

- This is a comment on Jerusalem pride parade killer charged with premeditated murder, and six counts of attempted murder and aggravated assault

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Israeli groups of youth misbehaving at the Krakow Holocaust Memorial yesterday

B"H - I received first hand witness account of two Israeli groups of youths misbehaving at the Krakow Holocaust Memorial yesterday, 7 Elul, raising questions like "What are they coming here for if they don't care?" Organizations who sent their groups to the Krakow Holocaust Memorial yesterday, please recall them immediately and reprimand them according to the severity of the case!

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In the only democracy in the Middle East

B"H - In the only democracy in the Middle East Zionist yarmulke sporting "Judge" Yamini prolonged this morning Ephraim Khantsis' imprisonment with at least another two weeks for a disrespectful GESTURE towards the State prosecution. They seem to be rather edgy these days, wouldn't you say so? Surely a sign of strength and confidence on their fat-belly, corrupt, power-drank part.

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The secular State of Israel is a modern-day Sodom and will be destroyed, hopefully, in our days

B"H - If the State was Jewish, as it claims to be, its police would have arrested the immodestly dressed girl and its judges, sitting under the Menorah of the State emblem for crying out loud, would have confirmed the arrest. As is, it's Sodom and Gomorrah and Jerusalem is the most corrupt Jerusalem of all Jerusalems!

- This is a comment on Haredi man arrested for allegedly spitting on girl wearing pants
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Ephraim Khantsis was put in jail again

B"H - The only democracy in the Middle East has put Ephraim Khantsis in jail again, this time for a gesture they apparently didn't like. He didn't even say anything against the anti-Torah Israeli establishment. In the appeal hearing his Honeinu affiliated defense lawyer argued, in vain, that the offense does not carry a jail term.

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Do not collaborate with this Erev Rav State!

B"H - Church arson IS legitimate under Jewish law! Not only: It is a requiement. If the State was Jewish, it destroyed the places of idol-worshiping itself. The fact that it does not is proof of the State not being Jewish and the persecution of Bentzi Gopstein is only the latest indication of its Erev Rav status. In Jewish Law it is prohibited to collaborate with this evil entity and with its various institutions, including the IDF. First thing first: Stop voting for evil kneset and advise your children not to join the IDF!

- This is a comment on Head of far-right group under police investigation

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Free Meir Ettinger NOW!

B"H - The State of Israel locks up Jews without due process, just because they are Jews! Like under the British, but the British didn't pretend to be us.

- This is a comment on Administrative Detention Ordered Against Two Jewish Activists
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On rabbi Mizrachi's take on the attack at the gay parade, and on the arab home

B"H - Even if the good rabbi mentions the war waged on "religion", on the Jews, on Torah and on G-d, for some reason he refuses to walk the walk and follow this theme to its logical and halachic consequence and state that the laws on obligatory war are applicable here and not those on homosexuality. We are not only allowed. but required to kill against Chilul Hashem, the public desecration of G-d's Name and calling an obvious Kidush Hashem, the sanctification of G-d's Name a Chilul Hashem is a huge error I'm sorry to say. The rabbi's rabbi, Rav. Ovadia, comited the same error when he ruled for disengagement 10 years ago, claiming that protecting lives comes first. Not so. We have a concept on obligatory wars and it seems that Rav. Ovadia and his followers fail to understand that wars per definition cost lives and do away with it in one stroke.This is taking away from Torah. It also pains me greatly to see this rabbi swim with the tide of the frightened and assimilated Jewish masses by naming an obvious Kidush Hashem Chilul Hashem: Unacceptable!

- This is a comment on Permission To Kill (Parashat Ekev) The Attack At The Gay Parade, And On The Arab Home
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Ya'alon orders administrative detention for Jewish extremist

B"H - This is an incredible abuse of executive power! The Zionists go crazy over the remote prospect of Israel looking Jewish in the eyes of the world!

- This is a comment on Ya'alon orders administrative detention for Jewish extremist
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